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I Hate Everything in My Closet

Have those words ever echoed in your head? That’s an awful way to start the day.

I’ve helped many people cut clutter from their wardrobe (and their lives). I’ve noticed the SAME 3 mistakes crop up again and again!

MISTAKE 1: Using all different hangers, especially wire hangers. A hodgepodge of hangers makes it messy in your closet and wrecks your clothes.

SOLUTION: A small and simple step to take—start using uniform hangers. They do wonders for the organization and care of your clothing. Low-quality hangers and inconsistent sizes damage and distort your clothes.

MISTAKE 2: Not grouping your items into categories and colors. Disorganized clothes make it difficult to see or even remember what you have.

SOLUTION: Group your clothing from the top of your body to the bottom. From left to right on the rack. Shirts: Sleeveless to Sleeves, Lightweight to Heavier, No collars to collars. Then Pants, Skirts, Dresses, short to long.

MISTAKE 3: Hanging too many things in your closet. Stop crowding your clothes.

SOLUTION: Jeans take up a ton of real estate in your closet. Stacking them in cubbies or drawers is a better option. Tees and knits get stretched when hung up. Instead, stack or roll, depending on your drawer or container bin sizes.

The Result: Make what’s in your closet new again and fall back in love with your clothes again.

Don’t have another morning in a panic. Learn from the past mistakes of other busy women.

The first step to improving your style is to be aware of what you do that makes it more difficult for yourself—and commit to change.

You may be thinking now: “OMG, you’re right; I need help in creating a well-edited wardrobe!

For those who want something more, allow me to tell you about my Closet Cleanse. An overhaul and sorting of your closet to uncover new looks from your existing wardrobe.

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