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Mask Style 101

Feel fabulous in what you’re wearing, and confidence shines through.

I’ll admit it, wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but we gotta do it anyways, and always, when out and about. Thankfully so many designers, big and small, are making snazzy options.

Part of my job is paying attention to fashion trends and who’s wearing what. Annnnd, I love it!  On top of that, I’m a news junkie. I can’t help it. I like knowing WTF is going on.

I recently watched a news clip, and I thought, “Damnnnn, Nancy Pelosi is looking chic in her blue ensemble with a matching mask.” Between Nancy & Lady Gaga at the VMAs last week, bold women made serious mask style effort.

Don’t let your mask be an afterthought. Inspire others to wear one by rocking one that is considered and a part of your look.

Need help coordinating that mask style? Let me have a crack at it.

Need some mask inspiration? Here ya go.

1) These stylish and thoughtfully made VISIONQUEST masks are one of a kind tie-dyed by hand, a collaboration between VisionQuest shoe designer CeCe Chin and Carol Young of LA boutique UnDesigned. A leather cord keeps the mask hanging around your neck when not being worn. The wooden bead creates an illusion of an earring and precise ear adjustment when wearing, making this mask so easy to slip on and off.

2) Nashville designer LAURA CITRON has a slew of rock-star worthy masks. Custom-made to match her killer suits and dresses, you’ll shine wearing in this Multicolor metallic star print on black and backed in soft satin.

3) The Fashion Face Mask with Bows from COLLINA STRADA is made from their limited collection of dead-stock fabrics, each one is unique. With the purchase of 1 mask, you’ll provide 3 to Seeding Sovereignty, an Indigenous womxn-led collective. Working to shift social and environmental paradigms by dismantling colonial institutions and replacing them with Indigenous practices created in synchronicity with the land.

Need some more help? Together we make what’s in your closet new again, eliminating what’s not in service to YOU right now, so you fall back in love with your clothes. Contact me at

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