So Many Choices.

Did you know that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day? Whhhhaaaaaatttt??!!!   That means by 9 am, you’ve already made over 6000 micro-decisions. Yet you’re expected to give your business the best attention, decision-fatigued or not. When I’m in your corner, that stressed morning is a thing of the past. Imagine waking up […]

Mask Style 101

Feel fabulous in what you’re wearing, and confidence shines through. I’ll admit it, wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but we gotta do it anyways, and always, when out and about. Thankfully so many designers, big and small, are making snazzy options. Part of my job is paying attention to fashion trends and who’s wearing what. Annnnd, […]

I Hate Everything in My Closet

Have those words ever echoed in your head? That’s an awful way to start the day. I’ve helped many people cut clutter from their wardrobe (and their lives). I’ve noticed the SAME 3 mistakes crop up again and again! MISTAKE 1: Using all different hangers, especially wire hangers. A hodgepodge of hangers makes it messy […]