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I specialize in empowering women to use fashion to explore their creativity with confidence, and align their personal style with their brand identity authentically.

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Why work with a stylist?

I believe that personal style should translate seamlessly into everything you do. Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression, and tapping into your authentic style is the way to gain confidence, and be comfortable in your body and clothes. 


I style fashion for the magazines, fashion brands, and celebs that you know and love. Now I’ve turned my focus on female entrepreneurs. 


I specialize in consulting and dressing successful women to own the room without saying a word. Not everyone loves to shop, but everyone needs to wear clothes. That’s where I come in. I focus on showcasing designers and brands that are socially thoughtful and relevant.


Through my style sessions, I empower women to use fashion as a tool to explore their creativity, experience self-love and align their personal style with their brand identity authentically.

Let's play dress up.

A great wardrobe is an investment that provides the visual language of your identity and transforms how the world sees you and what you offer. With each new client, my mission is to encourage you to step into the image you have always dreamed of for yourself. Together, with clarity, we build a collection of clothes that you’re excited to put on and share with the world every day. 




I specialize in curating closets that work as a silent billboard– effortlessly showcasing your vision and sparking the interest in your potential clients. 


With my closet audits and style sessions, I alleviate the overwhelm of dressing for any situation. When your wardrobe works for you, you spend less time frustrated trying on clothes, and more time enjoying your day.


When you look put together, you’re perceived as having it together–in your style, your life, and your business. 

Hi, I'm JenniLee.

Yes, that is my first and last name, and you probably have another Jenny in your group already. Plus, I share a birthday with Cher, and she has one name, so why not? And yes, fun fact, my dad’s name is Bruce. 



I’m a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, but even after 8 years, I still identify as a New Yorker. What can I say? I love to walk.



I’ve been styling for well over a decade, and all over the world, with some incredible women, like Lauryn Hill, Hayley Williams, and Lana Condor. 



Evoking emotion through style is a passion of mine, and teaching women to use fashion to explore their creativity is one of the greatest joys in my life. I empower women to step into their unique style. To clarify, I take my clients on a life-changing journey to experience self-acceptance through fashion. 

The work I do for women is a variety of fashion-related engagements. From styling for speaking gigs to photoshoots, closet audits to travel dossiers and even virtual styling sessions. 


I believe in encouraging my clients to be thoughtful and socially conscious consumers, that quality over quantity rules, and building an essential wardrobe is the foundation of a well-edited wardrobe. 



I credit my fashion sense and savvy to my British Nana Kitty, who introduced me to thrift stores and taught me everything about silhouettes and fabrics. Together we would uncover designer goods from New Look Dior to 80’s Versace, and from that, a stylist emerged.

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